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Your skin does not require too much cleansing or exfoliating. Some women may go overboard with the two, and this includes those with acne or acne prone skin. Unfortunately, some think that doing this makes the face look better. However, the frequent cleansing and exfoliating may cause issues of skin irritation, skin dryness, as well as itchiness and flaking.  Even in worse cases, the habits may cause harm and damage to the natural barrier on the skin and thus become a cause of pathogens’ entry into the skin. Notably, these damages are serious, and this implies that you need to learn better and healthier cleansing habits, especially on skin with acne.


  1. Over washing will Not Improve the Skin

As mentioned, overdoing beauty regimens do not work well. Instead, it may cause skin damages. Therefore, do not over wash or over-exfoliate.  These can worsen acne on the skin and even cause more breakouts. Washing the face twice in a day is enough.  This is essential in encouraging the turnover of the cells, and to promote the healing and recovery of acne skin.  Besides, it is vital to use cleansers that are mild.  Experts indicate that exfoliating agents that are too strong may abrade the skin. They may also cause skin peel.  You are already suffering acne, so avoid other things that will cause more skin peels and other breakouts.

  1. Always Moisturize after cleansing

Some people will not moisturize after cleansing. Unfortunately, skin with acne may easily suffer dehydration and itchiness. It is thus essential always to use a moisturizing cream each time you exfoliate. This is crucial in preventing dryness, avoiding itchiness and consequently promoting healing and repairs.

  1. Be Gentle All the Time: Acne is not caused by a Dirty Face

It is vital to wash the face when you are suffering acne but keep in mind that it is not the dirt that resulted to the acne breakout.  In other words, if you are dealing with a breakout, it does not imply that it resulted from improper face washing or cleansing.  In fact, it is likely that excessive washing of the face could have caused the issue. Therefore, avoid being tough on the skin as you wash. Always maintain gentleness and care when handling the face. Excessive washing and being too vigorous may cause the acne parts to start bleeding.  This could slow down the healing process, cause pain and irritation as well as face dullness. However, best cleansers that are mild can be essential.

  1. Washing too often Makes Acne Worse

Whereas essential skin care routines yield a good looking and healthy skin, overdoing anything could be harmful and damaging to the skin.  Proper washing is crucial in removing the dirt, eliminating the blockages in the pores and at the same time getting rid of the makeup. Also, treatment can work best on a cleansed face.  However, washing or cleansing too often, will strip the skin of the natural oils and cause dryness and flakiness. Itchiness on the acne areas may also occur.  At the same time, avoid scrubbing. Harsh scrubs may intensify the itchiness as well as aggravate acne breakouts on the skin.  This implies that you will suffer more acne breakouts because of over washing.

  1. Cleansing Alone Will Not Clear up Your Skin

Cleaning or cleansing the face is unlikely to get rid of your problem, or even stop breakouts.  Even as you wash the face twice each day, consider this as a step towards the care of acne skin. Since the practice is not sufficient for acne healing, consider acne treatment products. See your dermatologist first.  For both mild and severe breakouts, the dermatologist can recommend a way of treatment.  Once you have a prescription, be regular as instructed for fast and effective results.


Acne may be cumbersome and difficult to deal with in most cases. While you want to maintain your skin care and beauty routines, it may be difficult if you are suffering acne.  However, the problem may occur despite the use of the best skin care routine. Excessive washing of the face while suffering from acne is harmful. It is advisable to wash the face at least twice a day.  At the same time, scrubbing may also be harmful. It is crucial to visit the dermatologist and get a recommendation for acne treatment to speed up healing.



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