Thursday , 17 December 2015

Benefits of Following a Raw Food Diet

Adding more vegetables to your current diet is an excellent way of eating healthy and getting the most nutritional foods into your body.  Vegetables and fruits have the vitamins necessary for a well-balanced healthy diet.  They also provide a variety of tastes and textures for the palate.

Benefits of Following a Raw Food Diet

Benefits of Following a Raw Food Diet

But did you know that the way you prepare your foods may actually end up destroying all the vitamins that you’re trying to take in? Vitamins C and B, which are necessary for a healthy body, may be destroyed by the cooking process.

Here’s an alternative:  try eating these vegetables raw or with very little cooking.  A raw food diet can help you even lose weight.  Fruits and vegetables can be filling, providing you with the bulk in your tummy that makes you feel full.  However, they are even better in curbing hunger when they are eaten raw as opposed to overcooked and mushy.  You can consume an unlimited amount of most raw veggies and fruits and by doing so, amp up your fiber intake.

Gaining more energy is another benefit of the raw food diet.  Choose fruits and vegetables from every color of the rainbow in order to expose your body to the vitamins and minerals that may reverse deficiencies and rev your energy up.

Eating raw foods may help you age more slowly.  Staying away from refined carbohydrates and sugars is always good, but eating “fresh from the earth” foods, especially fruits and vegetables provides us with the antioxidants that may slow the aging process.

So go raw and get the benefits of more energy, more vitamins and a younger visage.  Plus, you won’t spend all that time sweating over a hot stove.

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