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Causes of Snoring in Men You Must Know

Causes of Snoring in Men

Wondering exactly what the causes of snoring in men? If so, then you definitely should have a look in the following article and discover some details associated with snoring that may help you look for a fix for this sleep disturbing condition.

Causes of Snoring in Men You Must Know

I am certain, half the ladies, who complain about insomnia, may attribute it towards the loud snoring of the partners. The one who snores, rarely realizes that his snoring interferes with others sleeping around him. This can lead to frequent arguments between couples wanting for many peaceful sleep. Rather than fighting and quarrelling concerning the noise, think exactly what the causes of snoring in men. The reason might be associated with your partner’s health, and timely intervention might help save lots of trouble afterwards. Let’s explore a few of the causes of snoring in men, and take a look at a few of the possible remedies with this annoying situation.

Causes of Snoring in Men

Whenever you sleep, the muscles from the nose and pharynx enter a relaxed condition. The soft tissue at the back of the throat often vibrate when breathing, resulting in snoring. The uvula, tonsils and palate often flap around one another when something prevents the environment passage within the narrow gap between nose and pharynx, or there’s presence of tissue. This can lead to manufacture of noisy seem known as snoring. You will find many factors contributing to snoring in males which are talked about below.

Nasal Problems as Causes of Snoring in Men

Among the common problems, leading to snoring, is nasal obstruction. This obstruction can happen because of various reasons like nasal septum deviation, nasal polyps, allergic rhinitis, etc.

Pharynx Obstruction

Once the pharynx is blocked because of a number of reasons, it results in vibration of soft tissue resulting in snoring. This will happen because of excessive body fat tissue underneath the pharyngeal mucosa, tonsils, hypertrophy, etc.

Causes of Snoring in Men – Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is really a condition in which a person is affected with interruption in breathing for around 10 secs or longer. Sleep apnea can happen many occasions throughout a evening, and results in disturbance in normal sleeping pattern. Once the person stops breathing the amount of co2 increases in bloodstream. The mind transmits an indication and awakens the individual, to ensure that he is able to resume breathing. Thus, heavy snoring may suggest possible that certain is affected with sleep apnea.

Weight problems, It May Be The Causes of Snoring in Men

Insufficient exercise and rise in body body fat round the throat can result in snoring. As there’s insufficient tone of muscle, the airway has a tendency to collapse frequently resulting in loud snoring. The body fat tissue round the neck press the airways throughout sleep. This will cause air obstruction and vibration from the soft tissue that triggers someone to snore.


Males who drink often snore a lot more than individuals who don’t. The reason being alcohol has a tendency to decelerate the brain’s response. Thus, the muscles relax a lot more than they normally do, and also the throat flaps collapse easier. Additionally, it causes nasal irritation and congestion resulting in snoring.

Smoking may be the Causes of Snoring in Men too

Another common habit in males would be to smoke. Whenever a person smokes, it starts to irritate the nasal cavity and throat. This irritation results in inflammation that narrows the nasal passages much more. Thus, leading to snoring following the person falls asleep.

Other causes of snoring in men can include a busy existence, in which the individual will get really tired. This may also indicate high bloodstream pressure, hormonal problems, aging, etc. Therefore, it is, smart to acquire one self examined with a physician, to discover if any underlying health condition is leading to someone to snore. Let’s now have a look at tips to stop snoring during the night.

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