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Get rid of fleas in house

Fleas are small insects which could come with pets. It is important to get rid of fleas in house because these are harmful for humans and can suck their blood and cause other problems. There are many ways through which fleas could be eliminated. You can use these ways and get rid of fleas. You can try these methods at home and start the process of elimination of fleas in a natural manner.

get rid of fleas in house fast naturally

Washing to get rid of fleas in house

Washing is important for elimination of fleas. You must wash the clothes used by your pets. Make sure that the dirt and other items are eliminated as a result of washing. If washing is not giving good results as the clothes used by pets are very dirty then you must purchase new clothes and throw away the old clothes by disposing them properly. If you are using old clothes for your pets then there are chances that eggs of fleas are present and these will hatch after some time period. When you are using new clothes for your pets and washing them regularly then you are able to stay safe from fleas.


Special sprays to get rid of fleas in house naturally

There are special sprays which can end the growth of insects and could be used against fleas. You can spray these sprays on your carpets and other places which are used by your pets. As a result of these sprays the fleas will not grow and will be eliminated in some time. Those people who are using carpets must use such sprays as fleas could be present on the base of carpets and these sprays are able to reach at the bases and eliminate fleas.


Vacuum cleaning to get rid of fleas in house fast

You can eliminate fleas from your home by using vacuum cleaning. Fleas are mostly found at places which are not under direct exposure of sunlight. Shady places are used by fleas for living and hiding. You can place moth balls inside the vacuum cleaner so that the fleas could be killed. Pressure and sucking of vacuum cleaner is enough to kill fleas however the addition of moth balls is a safety for you so that the living fleas could be eliminated. Make sure that your pets are not present at the place, which are cleaned as your pets could be carrying fleas which will make their rooms even after cleaning the areas. Throw the wastes from vacuum cleaner in a bag which is sealed and dispose it properly.


Mixture of borate acid and botanical dust

You can use a mixture of borate acid and botanical dust in order to eliminate fleas. This mixture is not harmful for humans however care is important in using it. You must cover your nose while applying it and also cover your face. Apply this mixture on carpets and furniture and other places at home. When you are going out of the house then you must apply this mixture so that it could stay and eliminate fleas. After some hours you can wash the places and carpets on which this mixture is applied. It is also safe if you leave the mixture on carpets so that fleas could not come again for a long time period.


Take care of back yard

If your back yard has many covered places then there are many fleas present in them. When your pets are staying in your backyard then they will bring the fleas with them in your home. You must cut the grass and make sure that sunlight is reaching on different places. Those places which are not under sunlight must be cleared for elimination of fleas. You can place chips of cedar wood in different places of your back yard so that fleas could be eliminated. Leaves of eucalyptus are also helpful for elimination of fleas. You can place these items in your back yard and get instant results in the form of elimination off fleas.


Trap with dish detergent and water

You can make a trap by mixing dish detergent and water and place in a bowl. Make sure that the walls of the bowl are small so that fleas could be trapped and killed. You can place this trap near light sources so that many fleas could be attracted and killed. It is easy to make such traps and increase the process of killing fleas. You can see results in the form of filling of these traps with fleas in some time period. Some amount of dish detergent in water is enough to make this trap. Make sure that the color of water is changed by mixing the dish detergent so that the trap could work effectively. You can place these traps inside and outside of the house to catch fleas.


Control humidity to get rid of fleas in house

You can control humidity of the place in order to eliminate fleas. Fleas require more humidity for normal growth and survival. If the humidity is decreased below 50% then fleas are not able to live. You can use dehumidifiers in order to reduce the humidity of the place so that fleas could be eliminated. This is a fast process and you will see many fleas dying due to this process. After that you can use vacuuming cleaning for elimination of dead bodies of fleas from the place. Two days are enough to eliminate all the fleas from your home when you are using this method of dehumidifier.


Cleaning your pet

Fleas are mostly taken with pets and come in house with pets. It is important to wash the pets so that fleas could be eliminated. There are many products through which you can wash the pets. Make sure that you are not using the products which are causing irritation for pets. These products are not good for the pets and also harmful for humans. You can use natural items and oils in order to wash your pets and remove fleas with ease. Natural insecticides are helpful for irritation of fleas and their removal from your pets. You must use flea irritants which are made by using natural items for elimination of fleas.

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