Tuesday , 15 December 2015

Healthy Living and Healthy Tips

What is Healthy Living?

Natural Life is beautiful and you don’t want to bog yourself down with unnecessary health problems. What does it mean to live a healthy living? It is a way of living that allows you to enjoy more aspects of your life in a more fulfilling way. It is not just about trying to avoid one illness after another, or trying to just not feel as bad as you normally do.


Natural Remedies and Healthy Living is about feeling and being well physically, mentally and socially. It is about making specific choices that give you the opportunity to feel your best for as long as you can. Living a healthy lifestyle is about saying YES to life.

Today, your vital organs (kidney, heart, lungs, gall bladder, liver, stomach, intestines, etc.) may be working well, but they may not be tomorrow. Don’t take your good health today for granted. Take proper care of your body.

Well, the trick to healthy living is making small changes in your life…like walking more steps, adding fruits to your cereal, increasing amount of plain water and above all to be positive …these are just a few ways you can start living healthy without drastic changes.

Exercise: Movement is life. Research has shown that exercising daily brings tremendous benefits to our health, including increase of life span, lowering of risk of diseases, higher bone density and weight loss. Increase activity in your life.

Pick exercises you enjoy. When you enjoy the sports, you’ll naturally want to do them. Exercise isn’t about suffering and pushing you; it’s about being healthy. One study has found that just a 10% weight reduction helped obese patients reduce blood pressure, cholesterol and increase longevity.

Eating Well:

Eating a healthy diet is another part of the healthy lifestyle. Not only can a clean diet help with weight management, it can also improve your health and quality of life as you get older. Eat more fruit. Add it to your cereal, your salads or even your dinners.

Switch your salad dressing. If you eat full-fat dressing, switch to something lighter and you’ll automatically eat less calories.

Eat low-fat or fat-free dairy. Switching to skim milk or fat free yogurt is another simple way to eat fewer calories without having to change too much in your diet.

Drink more water. Most of us actually don’t drink enough water every day. Water is needed to carry out our body functions, remove waste and carry nutrients and oxygen around our body. Drinking enough water strengthens the immune system, promotes weight loss, improves the skin, and carries waste from the body. Since we lose water every day through urine, bowel movements, perspiration and breathing, we need to replenish our water intake.

Go for brown carbs (unrefined complex carbs) instead, like brown rice, whole grain, oats, oatmeal, legumes, nuts. These come with nutrients and vitamins intact.

Replace vegetable oils with olive oil and organic unrefined coconut oil. Increase your intake of omega-3 fats found in fish oil, grass-fed meat, walnuts, olives, organic eggs, and flaxseeds.

Eliminate artificial sweeteners: As bad as sugar can be, artificial sweeteners are worse. The worst offender is aspartame.

Add little movements to your life span:

Good health isn’t just about healthy eating and exercise – it also includes having a positive mental health, healthy self-image and a healthy lifestyle.

Reduce stress: Don’t stress yourself over anything. Have fun! Stress can tense your muscles, which will make you feel unhappy and unwell.

Breathe: Deeply. Oxygen is a vital source of life. You may know how to breathe, but are you breathing properly? Most of us don’t breathe properly – we take only shallow breathes and breathe to 1/3 of our lung capacity. A full breathe is one where your lungs are completely filled, your abdomen expands and there’s minimum movement in your shoulders.

Be Positive:

Love yourself. Live a life with purpose. Positive health starts from within! Are you living a life of meaning? Are you living in line with your purpose?

Stop smoking. It has been extensively proven that smoking is detrimental to health, severely increasing the risk of lung cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer (of our gullet), heart attack, and more.

Laughter is the best medicine: Studies have found that those with a positive attitude suffer less from conditions such as heart disease. Find something to laugh at every day to give your feel-good hormones a boost.

Juliana Peel is an enthusiast blogger, author and social media addict. She is the founder of remedieshow.com. Her publications are well researched and they provide tips and tricks related to Beauty and Health issues.