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Home Remedies for Chickenpox

Chickenpox is a viral problem and it is caused due to a virus. Chickenpox can spread easily from one person to another therefore care is important. Small scars are made on the skin as a result of chickenpox. Person is also suffering from fever and fatigue. There are many ways for elimination of chickenpox. Vaccination is given to people due to which, they can remain safe from chickenpox. Those people who have weak defense system in their body and kids are suffering mostly with problems of chickenpox. There are many home remedies which can be used for dealing with chickenpox. You can try the following home remedies in order to eliminate chickenpox. Some time is required for getting relief from chickenpox. Natural defense system takes some time in healing and elimination of chickenpox. Using the home remedies is helpful in increasing the speed of healing and providing instant results. If you are not able to get rid of chickenpox by using the following methods then you must go to a doctor for professional advice. Chances of elimination of chickenpox are increased when you are using the following home based remedies.

Home remedies for chickenpox

Home remedies for chickenpox with Baking soda

Those people who are suffering from chickenpox can use baking soda in order to eliminate irritation and itchiness. Take a glass of water and mix one half tablespoon baking soda. You can use this mixture on the affected parts of the body with the help of sponge. This will help in reduction of problems and irritation. You can let this mixture on the affected areas so that it can dry in some time period.

Neem leaves

You can use neem leaves for dealing with problems of chickenpox. Neem leaves can be added in water for taking bath. You can make a paste of neem leaves by crushing. This paste is helpful against chickenpox and you can apply it to affected areas. You will notice that your chickenpox is drying and irritation will also be eliminated. This home remedy is working well for dealing with problems of chickenpox due to ability of neem leaves for elimination of viruses.

Carrot and coriander for home remedies for chickenpox scars

If you are suffering from chickenpox then you can use a soup of carrot and coriander. Take some carrot and coriander in water. Boil this water and then take the soup. 15 minutes are enough to get the important items from carrot and coriander so that you can use them. Drink this soup daily and you will get benefits in the form of elimination of chickenpox and reduction in irritation. It is also good to eat the boiled carrots and coriander. This will give you more strength and the ability of dealing with chickenpox will be increased.

Oatmeal for home remedies for chickenpox in adults

You can use oatmeal for dealing with irritation caused by chickenpox. Take bath by using oatmeal and you are able to get relief. This treatment can be done at home. You need oatmeal in some amount. Two cups are sufficient for this treatment. Make a powder and mix this powder of oatmeal in water. Take two liters of water for this purpose. Take a cloth and make a bag and add this mixture in that bag. Place that bag in the bathing water and mix till the color of water is changed to milky. Take bath in that water and stay in for some time and you will get relief from itchiness caused by chickenpox.

Brown vinegar for home remedies for chickenpox

You can deal with chickenpox by using brown vinegar. Add some amount of brown vinegar in bath water. Half cup is enough to deal with chickenpox. Then you must stay in the bath water for some time. Make sure that the bath water is warm so that the brown vinegar could be mixed properly. You will get instant relief from irritation caused by chickenpox and increase the speed of healing in a natural manner.

Honey for home remedies for chickenpox

Chickenpox can be eliminated by using natural and pure honey. You are required to apply honey on the affected areas of the body. This will increase the speed of healing and irritation will also be eliminated from chickenpox. After using this treatment for some days you are able to see results in the form of elimination of chickenpox and improved health of skin. You can repeat this process 3 times a day and get results for elimination of chickenpox.

Herbal tea for home remedies for chickenpox

There are many herbal treatments for elimination of chickenpox. Herbs like chamomile and marigold are helpful for elimination of chickenpox. You can take one tablespoon of any herb of your choice and boil it in water for some minutes. You can add lemon and honey to improve the taste of this tea. You must drink this tea slowly for getting good results. Best results are obtained when you are drinking this type of herbal tea regularly many times per day. This will give you natural relief from chickenpox and give you good results.

Sandalwood oil for home remedies for chickenpox scars

Sandalwood oil is having many types of important ingredients which can help in healing process of chickenpox. It is easy to use this treatment at home. Take some amount of sandalwood oil and apply it on the affected areas of your skin. You can see results in the form of fast healing and removal of irritation of chickenpox when you are using sandalwood oil daily.

Ginger for home remedies for chickenpox in adults

Ginger is also helpful for elimination of problems of chickenpox. You can add powder of ginger in bath water. This will help in elimination of chickenpox and you can take bath with such water regularly or when needed. Drinking water of ginger is also helpful against chickenpox. Take some ginger and cut it and add in water. Boil the water and let it boil for some minutes so that the solution could be made strong. Drink this solution and help your body to fight against chickenpox in a natural manner.

Marigold flower for home remedies for chickenpox

You can make a paste by using marigold flower and hazel leaves. Marigold flower in two table spoons and hazel flower in one table spoon is enough to make the mixture. Mix these two items and add in some water. Let this mixture stay for the whole night. Grind this mixture in morning. This will give you a fine paste. You can apply this paste on the affected parts of the skin. This will reduce irritation and help in natural healing process of chickenpox.

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