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Homemade Acne Remedies

I’m sure most of us have had the occasional bout with either pimple or teenage acne. When I was at that age, I always used the commercial preparations which almost always were drying to the skin. If I happened to overuse the commercial preparation, my skin would become flaky and irritated. And, it seemed that after using the medicine, my skin seemed oiler than every after using it, or was so dry that it hurt.

Homemade Acne Remedies

Homemade Acne Remedies

Now when I have the occasional breakout, I prefer to use some homemade acne remedies rather than going straight for those over the counter acne medications. Read on to find out more about homemade acne remedies.

1. Oatmeal Mask – the oatmeal soothes irritated skin without being too drying. Grab about a cup of quick cooking oatmeal. You can either put it in the blender or rub the oats between your fingers to crumble it into powder. Mix in some warm water until the oatmeal mix reaches a nice creamy, consistency. You may also add a drop of lavender for further healing qualities. Smooth the mask on your face and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Rinse and your skin should feel smoother and less irritated.

2. While you’re in the kitchen here’s another homemade acne remedy: grab a white potato, slice it and hold the slice of potato to your pimple. This should also reduce swelling and the life of that pesky pimple.

3. Did a pimple pop up in a most inopportune place? This is a great treatment to use overnight – get some white toothpaste – not gel – and dab it on the pimple. It should work on the pimple overnight and give an improved appearance in the morning.

4. Cut the end of a peeled clove of garlic and press the cut end to the pimple. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties as well as anti-inflammatory properties, so it will reduce the swelling and redness of the pimple. Be sure to rinse before going out – garlic has a strong smell.

These are just a few remedies that may assist in getting rid of your acne and/or pimples that pop up.


After a bit more research, I’m bringing you more recipes that you can use.  I really like homemade remedies because unlike over the counter medicines, there is a smaller risk of drying out or damaging this skin.  This is not to say that these homemade acne remedies can never hurt your skin, but they are a lot less caustic than what you purchase in the store.

The most problems that I’ve had with pimples, especially, is that they look so red and swollen.  If this is your issue, take an ice cube and hold it against the pimple for as long as you can stand it.  The ice will reduce the swelling and make the pimple less noticeable.

1. Aspirin is good for much more than a headache.  Get a regular aspirin, crush it to a fine powder – I use the back of a spoon – then mix with warm water.  Apply the aspirin paste to your pimple and let it dry.  This should reduce the time you have to live with the pimple!

2. Try this milk mask once a week:  Boil about ½ cup of regular milk, let cool.  Mix in the juice of a lime (about 2 tablespoons) and 2 teaspoons of glycerine (readily available in the pharmacy section).  Apply the mask to your face, of course avoiding the eye area.  Let dry and wash off with warm water or warm cloth.

3. One of my recent discoveries is aloe juice.  Made from the gel of the Aloe plant, you can drink it or use it in skin applications as it has the healing properties of aloe vera gel.  Soak a cotton ball in aloe juice and apply to the face morning and night.  Not only will this help heal current breakouts, but will also assist in keeping other outbreaks from occurring.  You may also use aloe gel, but be sure that it’s pure aloe vera gel without additives.
Keep in mind that these homemade acne remedies will usually work, but not as quickly as the over the counter preparations, however, they are much gentler to the skin.

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