Tuesday , 15 December 2015

How do Natural Herbal Remedies Work Differently than Pharmaceuticals?

The difference in the two may be obvious. Natural herbal remedies are made up of things that come straight “out of the ground” made by “Mother Earth”, and Pharmaceuticals are created in a lab by people.

But we wanted to point out something further that we’ve discovered in our research that may not be as clear.

The way a drug is developed (in general) is that scientists will notice a healing property of a natural herb or food and then work to isolate the component that they think is doing all the healing.

How do Natural Herbal Remedies Work Differently than Pharmaceuticals

Then they’ll learn how to synthesize it and tweak it so that the company they work for can make a profit off of it. It seems that the thinking is that the isolated component will be stronger if concentrated into a little pill or liquid.

There is nothing inherently “wrong” with this process per se, as there are some life-saving qualities to some drugs if given out in a responsible way.

But it has gone way too far as doctors are now prescribing anything they can to relieve thesymptoms of their patients rather than truly healing them.

Another very important issue is that when you isolate a component out of its original food or herb, you are completely breaking apart the synergistic properties of the whole and are in fact making that isolated component weaker or produce unwanted side effects.

This happens because it’s the combination of all of the components that are already in the natural herbal remedies or foods that your body needs in order to properly absorb and use that one component that science would isolate.

A good example is Calcium.

Calcium was isolated a long time ago and is not found naturally by itself but rather as a mixture with other things. In our diet, we got all we needed from the natural raw whole milk we used to drink.

Then came pasteurization, and although the calcium was still in the milk, people weren’t drinking as much because they were having side effects (lactose intolerance) from drinking it. So people took Calcium supplements instead.

Now studies show that taking calcium by itself actually causes bone loss, not bone growth.

That’s because in order for your body to absorb and use the calcium, it also needs a few other components – magnesium and phosphorus are two of them and another is Vitamin D3.

Raw (unpasteurized) whole milk (from grass fed, pastured cows) has all of the components necessary for you to absorb the abundance of calcium in it without causing lactose intolerance.

That’s just a small example of a whole food that is naturally balanced for your body to be able to use all of the good stuff in it.

There are many other natural herbal remedies and foods. In fact, pretty much all herbs and foods have a holistic balance that will give your body everything it needs to be healthy.

Just as importantly, what you don’t put in your body makes a big difference too.

Processed foods, pasteurized dairy, chemical preservatives and additives, hydrogenated oils, and sugar will all stop your body from absorbing and using most of the whole balanced foods and natural herbal remedies you put in it – so please limit (or eliminate) those as well.

In a world where life is very busy for most of us and we are looking for immediate results, natural herbal remedies may be a bit harder to stick with because nature doesn’t work quickly.

Results may be slow, but rest assured, if you stick with them, they can heal the underlying cause of your symptoms, giving you a life full of vitality, rather than just mask them to “survive” another hectic day.

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