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How to Cure Piles? – 3 ways to eliminate piles

how to cure piles

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Piles are caused as a result of swelling in veins in the rectum area. This could also take place in the anus area and result in pain and itching. Mostly piles are occurred at the times of pregnancy however it could occur at any time in humans. There are many ways through which piles could be treated and problems could be eliminated. You can use the following ways t o eliminate piles at home. If these ways are not working for you then you must seek medical assistance through doctors. Many cases of piles could be treated at home by using the following ways.

You can see that many of the following ways are simple and could be tried at any time for getting instant results. You can keep the anus area clean and dry in order to remain safe from piles. In case of piles you must make sure that you are suing good creams which can eliminate piles. You can also eat good foods which are providing fibers and moisture to your body. Constipation is also leading to piles, which is mainly due to the shortage of liquid items in the body. You must drink enough liquid daily so that the body could remain hydrated and piles could be eliminated naturally.


How to cure piles with changes in lifestyles

Chances of piles could be reduced with the help of some good changes in routine life. Those people who are sitting for a long time period are under more threats of getting infected with piles. Constipation is another cause which could lead to piles. If you are looking for ways about how to cure piles then you must have some changes in your routine life. With these changes you are able to remain safe from piles and also cure the problems of piles in some time period.


You must use more fluids in routine life. Fluids other than alcohol could eliminate constipation and keep the body hydrated. When your body is having enough supply of fluids then problems of piles will not occur. You must include food items which are healthy and providing you fiber. Increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in your routine meals. This will give your body enough fiber which will cure constipation and also help in healing of piles. You can wear cotton undergarments in order to keep the anus area clear from fluids. Wearing silk or any other type of clothes will increase moisture and result in more chances of suffering from piles. You must avoid using scented soaps because these types of chemicals could result in irritation and increase chances of piles.


How to cure piles at home

There are many ways through which you can cure piles at any time. You must make sure that the anus area is clean and dry. Moisture in the anus area could result in more chances of piles. Keep the anus area clean as dirt on the anus area could also result in piles. Regular bathing and washing of anus area is good for elimination of germs and problems at home. You can also use compresses for making the anus area cold. With the help of cooling effects it is possible to reduce the chances of piles. If you are suffering from piles and looking about how to cure piles at home then you can use these methods and get results.


You can keep the anus area cool and get instant relief from piles as this will reduce swelling and itching. Cotton balls could be used for elimination of moisture around the anus area so that the place could be dried and piles could be eliminated. Witch hazel is a natural solution through which piles could be treated. You can dip cotton balls in witch hazel and place on the anus area for some time. This solution is working fast for removing irritation which results in elimination of piles. If you are looking about how to cure piles naturally then you can use creams which are made by using natural items. Instructions are given on such creams about using and dose. You must make sure that you are following instructions so that good results in the form of elimination of piles could be obtained.


How to cure piles permanently through doctors

Medical professionals and doctors are available through which services related with elimination of piles could be obtained. Doctors can give creams which can be helpful for elimination of piles. Treatments involving the use of infrared and heat are also helpful for shrinking the swelling in anus area which can eliminate piles.


Surgery is another treatment which can be used for elimination of piles. Surgery is used when other methods are not working. Instant relief from piles could be obtained through surgery. Many people have used surgical treatments for elimination of piles and they are satisfied with the results. This process is short and quick for elimination of piles.



Piles are a problem which could affect any person. It is important to take good care of the anus area and keep it clean so that the problems of piles could be avoided. In case of piles it is good to try home based treatments. If results are obtained in the form of elimination of piles at home then care is important to make sure that piles could not occur again. If there is no remedy for piles at home and different ways have been tried then it is required to seek medical assistance.


Some problems of piles could not be treated at home and medical assistance is required. Healthy eating habits are giving good results in the form of elimination of piles. Those people who are having weak bodies and not eating good foods properly are mostly suffering from piles. Many healthy people are also suffering from piles because they are not careful in cleaning the anus areas. When you are cleaning the anus areas properly and taking good care of your eating habits then you are able to remove piles and remain safe from it.

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