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How to get rid of hiccups. Quick Solution

Hiccups are causing trouble feelings for many people and they can be started at any time. This is not a problem but the feeling and the sound of hic for a long time period is not good for many people. There are many ways through which hiccups could be eliminated. You can try these ways and have fun at the same time while eliminating hiccups at any time. You can check that many of these ways are simple and can be tried at any time. If you are not getting results from one method then try another method till hiccups are gone.

get rid of hiccups

Get rid of hiccups through mental cures

If you start thinking about bad men then it could help in elimination of hiccups.

You can talk to yourself that you must not do hiccups and get instant relief.

Start waiting for another hiccup when the one is ended to help in elimination and avoid all other tasks.

Use your visualisation and close the eyes. Imagine a word in your mind and get it in blinking form at a fast rate.


Get rid of hiccups fast through breathing

  • Laughing is helpful for elimination of hiccups.
  • Start swallowing air for elimination of hiccups.
  • Start singing loudly and with your heart to eliminate hiccups.
  • Use cough or start sneezing to eliminate hiccups.
  • Start screaming for a long time to eliminate hiccups.
  • You must relax and start breathing by using the diaphragm to eliminate hiccups.
  • Increase the speed of inhaling and exhaling of air.
  • Take some deep breaths and get instant relief.
  • Start blowing your thumb like a balloon.
  • Holding breath for a long time is also helpful.
  • Use your stomach for inhaling air and then exhale it with a loud sound.
  • Inhale air and hold breath till the hiccups stop.
  • Continuous coughs are helpful for elimination of hiccups.


Use breathing to get rid of hiccups instantly

Slow the process of inhaling and exhaling. Take a pause after inhaling and then take a pause after exhaling. This is helpful for elimination of hiccups if repeated for some time.

Reducing the rate of inhalation and exhalation of air and slow actions in taking in and out of air is helpful for dealing with hiccups.

Inhale a deep breath and hold your breath. Let the breath held for some time as you feel comfortable and then slowly exhale the air. Repeat till hiccups are eliminated.

Use your mouth for breathing at a slow rate. Make sure that your chest and stomach are completely relaxed.

You must inhale a lot of air and hold it in lungs. When you will fill air in your lungs for some time period then this will help in elimination of hiccups.

Empty your lungs from air by exhaling. Use small breaths for inhaling and exhaling air till hiccups are eliminated.

Take in air in the form of a deep breath. You can use counting in order to make the process continuous. Hold air for some time and then slowly exhale it.

In order to eliminate hiccups you can bend your body by placing your head on ground. Take a deep breath and hold for some seconds and eliminate hiccups.

Move all air from lungs by deeply exhaling. Hold the lungs without air and then take in air deeply. Then hold the air in lungs and then take out slowly. This will help in elimination of hiccups.

You can close your eyes and cover them. Then inhale air and hold it. Then swallow for three times without taking breaths. This is helpful against hiccups.

You must inhale air and hold. Then start swallowing while your nose is closed by using your fingers. When you feel that you cannot swallow more then you must exhale slowly to eliminate hiccups.

You can go to calm place and sit straight. Then start breathing slowly through diaphragm. Then start breathing with your nose. Make sure that the breathing process is slow and your body is straight in a calm place.

When you think that hiccup is coming then you must exhale completely. Make your diaphragm tight and stay for some seconds in that position. This will help in elimination of hiccups and you will be able to breathe in a normal manner.

You must use your nose for breathing and let the mouth be closed. Tell yourself that hiccups are not present and they are eliminated. One time swallowing is enough to work in this process.

You can lie on floor in straight position. Then press your stomach by using your fists. Fists must be placed in such a manner that these are touching the wrists and are parallel in place. If you are not able to do the pressing then use services of another person. This process will be helpful for elimination of hiccups.

You can make a cross by using your arms. Spread your arms and make a cross. When you have made the cross then take in air slowly and hold it. Then you must move the hands towards your body slowly. When your hands will touch the body then you must exhale the air slowly. Repeat this process and eliminate hiccups.

You must breathe slowly and deeply. Give some gaps in breathing and take in air without exhaling. You must take some air in and stop. Then take more air in and stop. Then take more air in and stop. Continue this process of taking air till you are not able to take in more air. Stop at that point and wait till you can hold and then slowly release the air. This process is helpful for getting instant relief from hiccups.

You can lie on ground and stretch your body. Stretching must be in the form that your fingers of both hands will be pointing in the upper direction. Fingers of your feet must also be pointing towards the ceiling. Palms of your hands and feet must be pointing below the wall in the direction of your feet. You must inhale in that position and hold your breath. Try to hold your breath in that position for a long time and then exhale at a fast rate. Then hold the breath again by taking in air. Repeat this process and hiccups are gone.

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