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How to make French toast. Ingredients and Steps

French toast is a good food item which can be made by using bread. Different types of ingredients are to be used for making French toast. Any person is able to follow the simple steps for making French toast. If you are looking for how to make French toast then you can follow these steps for this process.

how to make french toast

How to make french toast Ingredients

  • Many things are needed for making French toast
  • One egg is sufficient for two slices
  • Olive oil will be used
  • Some cinnamon
  • Half tea spoon of vanilla extract
  • Six pieces of bread
  • Syrup or jam for icing as per needs
  • Two table spoons of milk per egg


When you have all the required ingredients then you can start making French toast by using the following steps.

1. Medium heat for cooking

Make sure that you are using medium heat for cooking. You can use olive oil in order to make sure that the ingredients will not stick on the pan. Oil must be distributed on all sides of pan for normal cooking. Hest must not be increased to high levels. If the heat is increased then the bread will burn and other parts will not be cooked properly. If the heat is low then you are not able to cook all the items. Make sure that the heat is medium so that you could cook all the parts of French toast properly.

2. Place the eggs in it after cracking

You must use a bowl and place the eggs in it after cracking. You can use a large bowl so that the area is enough to dip the slices of bread in the mixture. Bowl could be made from any material as the main thing is the size of the bowl. You can use a bowl of glass or made from metal for the process of making French toasts.

3. Mix milk and cinnamon

Mix milk and cinnamon with eggs with the help of fork. Fork will help you to get the exact mixture which will be used for coating the breads. You can use an electric mixture or use your hand and fork for mixing the items. You can check the results of mixing and start the next step.

4. Reduce the heat further

When you have heated the pan then reduce the heat further. Make sure that the pan is not left heating on medium heat. When heating is completed then you must reduce the level of heat. This will give safe place for your slices for getting cooked and become ready.

5. Use this mixture for dipping the pieces of breads.

6. This mixture must be coated on both sides of the slices.

7. Then place the slice in pan.

8.  Both sides turn to golden color

Make sure both sides turn to golden color while cooking. You can see the golden color in some seconds and then you must turn the sides for completion of the cooking process.

9. Ready

French toast is ready and you can place it in the table and serve with syrup.


  • If you are looking to know how to make French toast easy then here are some tips for your assistance.
  • Quality of bread is directly affecting the quality of French toast so you must use the bread with good quality.
  • Make sure that you are using reasonable containers in which you can dip the slices of bread in mixture of eggs. When the size is good and reasonable then you are able to increase the speed of dipping and make many French toasts in a short time period.
  • If you place the eggs for some time in the room before cracking them then it will make the process of blending easy and effective.
  • You can add sugar in the mixture of eggs so that the taste could be made sweeter as per needs.
  • Stale bread can also be used for making French toast for increasing taste and having benefits.
  • If your bread is stale and containing raisin then you can avoid the use of cinnamon and the like items.
  • Medium heat is good for making French toast. If the heat is high then the bread will burn and all the parts will not cook properly. For making sure that the parts of the bread are heated evenly and cooked properly you must use medium heat in the process of making French toast.
  • When you are cooking the slices of bread then you can use sugar. Sprinkle it on bread and get a new taste and a crunchy layer.
  • Cookie cutters are helpful in cutting the bread in different shapes and designs. You can use these cutters and make different types of designs with pieces when they are in dry form. This will add fun with taste to the parties.
  • Bread from bakery is good for making French toasts. You must not use bread from factory in this process for getting good results. Benefits and results by using bread from bakery are more as compared with bread from factory.


  • There are some warnings which must be considered while you are making French toasts.
  • When you are using eggs for making of French toasts then make sure that these are completely cooked. If the eggs are not properly cooked then it will be harmful for health. If your French toasts are not properly cooked then eggs will be raw and could be harmful for health.
  • Those people who have some type of allergy from the ingredients used in making of French toasts must avoid them. Allergic reactions could lead to different types of health related problems.
  • When you are making French toasts then you must work carefully as you may use stove for cooking process.


If you are working carefully then you are able to get French toasts which are delicious and healthy for your meals. If you are looking for ways about how to make French toast without milk then there are many forms which are made in this manner. If you are looking for ways about how to make French toast without eggs then you can try the forms which are in this category. French toasts are of different types and users are able to make and eat them at any time.


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