Thursday , 17 December 2015

Reduce your Refined Sugar Intake Today

Sugar is certainly tasty, but not always good for you in excess. Yes, we love the cakes, the cookies, the candy bars, but overindulgence in these treats can leave you with headaches, bad skin and an unhealthy craving for more and more.

Reduce your Refined Sugar Intake Today

Reduce your Refined Sugar Intake Today

There are many reasons why you might like to reduce sugar in your diet.  Not only can it help your skin improve, but it can also reduce your chance of developing Type II diabetes, give you better sleep and assist in healing aliments such as eczema or other skin issues.

It does seem like sugar is in everything we consume these days, from our condiments to those refreshing drinks.  Though it may seem daunting at first to cut out all these tasty treats from our daily food regimen, it’s not as bad as it may seem.

With careful selection it’s possible to replace these sugary foods with similar foods.  In addition, remember that you don’t have to go “cold turkey”.  Even reducing a bit of sugar in the food regimen can be helpful.

Here are a few suggestions for substitutions:

Have a sweet tooth?  Try dried fruit!

Yes, there is sugar in dried fruit.  However, instead of the refined flour and a host of preservatives that may not be good for you that accompany sweet snacks like candy bars and cookies, dried fruit gives you the sugar taste you crave as well as some natural nutrition to boot.  Just be sure to select fruit that has no added sugar

If you like the dried fruit, try fresh fruit

Though not as sweet as dried fruit, still a refreshing change from a dry cookie.  In addition, the pulp and “meat” of the fruit can provide your body with needed fiber and vitamins.

Fructose-based products

Try products that are sweetened with fruit juice or fructose sugar.  These may give you the kick of sugar taste that you need without the “oversweet” taste that come with some products.   Try health food stores and the Internet for some of these products.

Overall, however, it is a training of the taste buds that is the most important.  Train yourself to avoid the sugar, to work through sugar cravings with exercise and drink plenty of water.

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