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The Benefits of Wobenzym N

This Wobenzym N page is organized into linked sections for your convenience. The top four links will take you farther down this page to discover the information each link describes. Below this section are the dosage and actual remedies attributed to Wobenzym N. Clicking on the underlined title of a remedy will take you to the page describing that particular condition.

The Benefits of Wobenzym N

This product is a specific blend of systemic enzymes. It was formulated in Germany in the 1960’s and originally distributed as a prescription for inflammation and pain due to injury.

Although the formula has been adjusted a little since then, it still contains the same systemic enzymes of the original formula and has been studied and found to balance the body’s natural inflammation response. What that means is that when your body decides to over-react to a minor ache or pain by creating too much inflammation in the area (or all over the body), these specific enzymes balance that reaction by reducing the extra inflammation. It is distributed in the US by Garden of Life, Inc.


Most people can take 3 to 5 tablets twice a day and get relief from minor inflammation, aches and pains from your average daily activity. If you have something more serious or chronic, some have taken up to 30 tablets twice a day. I personally took 15 tablets twice a day for all over body inflammation due to Candidiasis.

When taking Wobenzym, it is important to take it on an empty stomach – at least 45 minutes before eating and 2 hours afterwards. I found it most convenient to take it as soon as I woke up and then right before I went to bed.

Don’t take it with milk or any liquid that is hotter than room temperature (such as hot coffee or tea) because that could break down the special coating that gets the enzymes to the small intestine.

Wobenzym N and the Conditions it Treats:

Because of Wobenzym’s anti-inflammatory properties, it can provide symptom relief for the following conditions:

  • Arthritis

  • Cancer:

    Studies are currently being done regarding Wobenzym and its effects on Cancer cells. So far, they are promising.

  • Candidiasis

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Inflammation due to injury

  • Pain relief in muscles and joints

We would love to hear from you if you use Wobenzym N for something that’s not on this list and how well it works for you. With your permission, we’d love to add it to our list of Wobenzym remedies. Click here to let us know.

General Properties:

For a general description of systemic enzymes, click here.

Wobenzym N is made up of the following enzymes:

  • Pancreatin
  • Papain
  • Bromelain
  • Trypsin
  • Chymotrypsin

All of these enzymes work with proteins. The inflammation response in your body is caused by proteins – some are anti-inflammatory, and some are pro-inflammatory. The enzymes that make up Wobenzym will make sure that these different proteins are balanced, which will reduce an over-reactive inflammation response.

Possible Side Effects:

A few people have experienced slight digestive issues when taking Wobenzym N such as excess gas or mild diarrhea. Simply lower your dosage until your body gets used to it and slowly increase from there until you are experiencing relief.

Drug Interactions:

Wobenzym may interfere with blood thinning drugs such as aspirin and Warfarin. Talk to your health practitioner if you are taking these medications before adding Wobenzym to your regimen.

A precaution stated on the bottle is to not take Wobenzym if you are pregnant or nursing or if you have bleeding or liver disorders.

Did You Know…?

  • Wobenzym N is protected by an enteric coating that helps get it through the harsh stomach environment intact so that the small intestine can distribute the enzymes throughout the body wherever they’re needed.
  • Although all of these particular enzymes (called protease) deal with the proteins in our bodies, they are all from vegetable sources.
  • Over 100 million people have used Wobenzym over the last 40 years without a single incident of significant harm.
  • In Germany, where Wobenzym was formulated, it is used more often than aspirin for pain relief.

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  • Dana

    Hi there. I have been taking wobenzym at the same time as diatomaceous earth, as both been to be consumed 45 min before meals. Can you see any possible negatives to taking them together? Thanks!